Automated pipetting

Combinatorics (8 – channel) : Hamilton Starlet 8 – channel, 23 deck spaces available, in addition equipped with Colony Picker and camera. Versatile applications for a variety of liquid handling processes in 96 and 384 format. MIC determination, ELISA, reformatting, automatic approach preparation for PCR etc.

Microbial screening processes

The BiMM utilises a continuous method using several high tech pieces of equipment to combine microorganisms and to analyse their bioactive molecular metabolites. Each section of the method is adaptable and accessible to external users.

Combinatorial pipetting
Microbial samples in liquid or on solid media are either combined according to protocol or added to media. Complex pipetting schemes can be performed on the 8 – channel device. Results can be replicated efficiently using the 96 pipetting head.

High throughput incubation
Incubation can be combined with spectroscopy using an automatic incubator and a computer driven robotic arm in sync with a modern multiwell Spectrometer. Microbial growth can be (maximum 96 wells) measured parallel with 42 plates. Possible readouts include fluorescence, luminescence, etc. Therefore detection of many parameters can be performed; from enzyme activities to gene expression in vivo.

Library pinning (96 – 1536 pins per plate)

A unique piece of equipment combines 96 – 0.5mm wide, needles with shock absorbers and springs (so-called ”pins”) with the 96 head of Hamilton Starlet. Microorganisms (clones, mutants, isolates) can be transferred from liquid medium to solid media ( = pinning) by contact transmission. Another transfer to solid medium can be compressed to 1536 clones per plate  Applications include the following: chemogenomics,  systematic genetic analysis, high-throughput screening of libraries against sensitivity to substances, etc.

Logistics and tracking on all processes

All devices are equipped with bar code readers. A complete automatic assignment of the manipulated Labware and all pipetting operations are recorded. Finally, a complete data tracking can also be maintained throughout the device group with all combined processes.