Dark Material

The sequencing of microbial genomes predict a much higher variety of microbial metabolites than was previously assumed. This has recently lead researchers to focus on the potential exploitation of microbial dark matter.

Our approach searches and characterises previously unknown bioactive compounds and enzymes from bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms. By mimicking natural conditions, biotic interactions between different organisms in different chemical and physical environments are possible. This promotes the production of specific metabolites.

High throughput

High throughput with automated liquid handling systems generate combinatorial biotrophic and chemogenomische interactions. These interactions allow the analysis of bioactive principles such as metabolites, enzymes and other substances. Equipment for upscaling, small scale fermentation (30l) and chemical analysis are available. Hits are tracked by the Center for Analytical Chemistry of the BOKU Departments Tulln. In addition, metabolic labelling is possible by stable isotopes to further explore the chemical structure.